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You thought when the kids were potty trained and could feed themselves, things would get easier - wrong!  Now that they’re old enough for school, sports, clubs, and their own friends, you’re learning a whole different kind of busy. 

Between work, home, and everything in-between, you don’t have time to hunt for recipes, make meal plans and grocery lists, or to spend hours prepping and cooking meals.

Figuring out what’s on the menu, finding simple and easy recipes that actually work and taste great doesn’t have to be another job.

You can start each week knowing you’ve got this, with a simple family-friendly and yummy plan, ingredients you can feel good about, and hacks and tips that give you the confidence to cook more often.

Make life lighter

You already outsource housekeeping and after-school care, why not meal planning?

Eat better, feel better

When you cook at home with real ingredients, you know your family is eating healthier and learning how to make better food choices.

Connect with your crew

With meals that are easy and fast, you can spend less time working on meals for your family and more time connecting over meals with your family

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Do you want to feel good about family dinners? 

Pantry to Plate is perfect for you if:


You want to be present with your family over meals again - actually sitting down together and connecting at the end of the day


You are ready to get out of the recipe and take-out rut with new, fresh dinner ideas


You want to build healthier habits that stick

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Hi, I’m Stephanie! I’m an “everymom”...

Balancing career, husband, kiddos, home, wellness, owning a business - #allthethings. 

I’ve always had a knack for planning and organizing, but when my first son was born prematurely and spend 25 days in the NICU, I knew finding a way to keep us eating real, home cooked food without spending hours on meal planning and prep was going to be key for the long-term health of our family. 

That’s when I developed my recipe bank and system for family dinners. And I’m so excited to share those meals and hacks that I’ve developed over the past seven years with you and “everymoms” everywhere.

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