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You thought when the kids were potty trained and could feed themselves, things would get easier - wrong!  Now that they’re old enough for school, sports, clubs, and their own friends, you’re learning a whole different kind of busy. 

Between work, home, and everything in-between, you don’t have time to hunt for recipes, make meal plans and grocery lists, or to spend hours prepping and cooking meals.

But your rotation of pizza, Grubhub deliver, and nuked veggie burgers,  isn’t working either. You want to feel good about what you’re eating, about the food habits you are teaching your kids, and about how and where your family is spending your hard-earned money. 

You just wish someone would tell you what’s on the menu, what to buy, and how to make it - simple, real food that’s yummy and fast.

Imagine feeling good about dinner - sitting down to eat together, face-to-face with your family, connecting over a yummy and simple meal, and knowing you’re eating real food.

Your menu and grocery list come together in record time! Cooking and eating at home is actually faster and easier than ordering out, especially when the recipe hunting, planning, and decisions are done for you. You always know what’s on the menu and exactly what you need from the grocery store.

Start each week knowing you’ve got this, with meals designed for families, ingredients you feel good about, and hacks and shortcuts that give you the confidence to cook at home more often.

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We create simple and yummy meal plans for real, busy families who are over the constant game of “What’s for dinner?”
By making family meals easy, delicious and quick, we help moms feel good about dinner, so they can find joy in more meals together.

Real food, no junk.

Feel good about what you are feeding your family.

Simple and quick. 

Easy-prep meals and recipes that your family will eat.

Save money.

When you spend less on eating out and heat-and-eat meals.

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Make life lighter with a simple and flexible meal plan - a plan designed for real, busy families - like yours!

Weekly meal plan

Each week you get a plan for four family dinners

Easy to follow instructions

You’ll have the exact steps from start-to-finish so you have a complete meal, with everything ready to eat at the same time

A simple, organized grocery list

Breeze through the store and your online shopping list

Access to our recipe bank

You get access to four weeks of meal plans at a time, as well as recipes from past plans.

Our plans are built on a system that helps you get dinner ready fast and waste less food.

But you don’t have to learn the system, just follow the plan!

You can finally enjoy family dinners knowing that you have a plan! With easy, delicious and real food on the menu, you’ll feel great about what your family is eating. 

And eating at home saves money - on average a family of four will save $30 when they eat at home vs. eating out.  

Pantry to Plate pays for itself in just one meal!


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Amy E.

"I no longer stress about putting a healthy and hearty meal on the table. I am able to make my grocery list and plan in record time. I finally enjoy cooking for my family. It's been a total game changer!"

Kate H.

"The shopping list is great and having it coordinated to the meals makes it so easy to adjust when we need to."

Bethany B. 

"The shortcuts and swaps notes have been so helpful and can be applied to other meals, too. I love that my kids are trying new flavors with otherwise familiar foods!"

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Save an average of $30 per meal cooking at home with our guides vs. eating out - it pays for itself in just ONE meal!

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